As a competitor in the global market place, ĐĐ TEP is always looking out for qualified experts prepared to face the challenges of international projects. High quality products recognized by international partners would not be possible without excellent professionals in the production process.

ĐĐ TEP offers exciting career opportunities and encourages its employees to reach their full potential through professional development as a part of experienced and internationally recognized team.

Unique opportunities for young people

Younger generations, eager to learn and improve their careers, we provide opportunities to specialize and gain knowledge that will provide them a quality workplace or a career springboard.

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Get to know ĐĐ TEP employees

Valnea S.
Valnea S.12 months working with TEP, project manager

After teaching specific subject areas (welding, quality control, trials management, metallurgy) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Slavonski Brod, Valnea has become a valuable addition to the team in charge of various projects within ĐĐ TEP. She is currently in charge of the RAS DJINET ALGERIA project, as a mediator between ĐĐ TEP and the end buyer. The Slavonski Brod production plants are the premises on which are finalized superheated surfaces for SPE, the Algerian national distributor of electricity. If the buyer opts for the product delivery, it is Valnea who will organise the road and the maritime transport all the way to Algeria. If all this is not exciting enough, Valnea will look for adrenaline challenges in paragliding, hang-gliding or bungee-jumping off the Maslenica Bridge.

Branko P.
Branko P.10 years in TEP, quality control

˝Working in quality control have affected other spheres in my life. I started brewing beer in my free time. Not large quantities, about 50 liters, just enough to enjoy the whole process of making. This constant work on quality improvement has certainly affected my hobby as well. From 2013th to 2016th I won medals for various beer breeds and styles at various competitions. Bronze for Belgian Dubbel, Silver for IPA (India Pale Ale) and Belgian Witt, and Gold for Stout.˝

Employees of ĐĐ TEP
Employees of ĐĐ TEP on MAGENTA 1 B2B RUN

This year ĐĐ TEP employees participated in MAGENTA 1 B2B RUN, the first business race intended for companies registered in the Republic of Croatia. 24th May in Rijeka, 14th June in Osijek and 13th September at the big finals in Zagreb with over 6,000 runners from 380 companies. TEP employees were in the category of large companies (companies with more than 250 employees). Each of the three races they took part was 5 km long. Teams consist of at least 3 employees. The best team is the one with the lowest total sum of the top three placed in the category of small, medium and large companies. ĐĐ TEP is promoting a culture of sports activities among employees to create a healthy environment and foster team spirit.