From biomass to energy

Depending on the client’s request the delivery scope are adjustable starting from the boiler plant to the entire power plant system (EPC) using a turnkey approach.

Calculation of heat and mass balance of cogeneration plants

Our design solutions are the result of a decades-long tradition and experience in designing, manufacturing and maintenance of power plants for various purposes and of various parameters as well as implementing modern methods in the design of such facilities in the world. Optimization of the effectiveness of various modules as well as the effectiveness of the entire energy system of a power plant is achieved by using testing results, user experience and feedback, along with the usage of the most advanced computing systems.

Characteristics of ĐĐ TEP cogeneration

  • Expert assistance in the development of the project from the initial idea to its implementation
  • Development of the mechanical and technological basis for the main project
  • Support in obtaining the necessary building permits
  • Conceptual, basic and detailed design of the entire power plant
  • Assistance in financing the initial phase of the project
  • Production of all key components in our own, most modernized production facilities in Europe
  • Delivery, erection, commissioning and maintenance by our own professional capacity
  • Contracting of short-term and long-term (ten-year) plant maintenance
  • the design of cogeneration plants is optimized and adapted to meet the needs of users
  • materials and equipment used come only from renowned European and world manufacturers
  • full service support and maintenance provided throughout the whole operational life of the plant
  • emission levels and environmental pollution fully comply with the requirements of the European directives, local legislation as well as specific customer
  • requirements.

Combustion system, which allows:

a. Low flue gas emission (NOx, particles)
b. High combustion efficiency
c. Low self energy plant consumption
d. Low operating and maintenance costs
e. Decreased erosion of the furnace walls

Fuel energy input> 10 MWth
Net el. power output> 2 MWel
Net plant efficiency 60-90 % depending on heat consumption
Boiler efficiency 88,5 – 91 %
Annual number of working hours up to 8400 hours
Flue gas emission level lower than the required level
Max fuel moisture content up to 60 %
Plant self energy consumption 2 % of the fuel energy value

Our cogeneration plants are characterized by:

High efficiency
Optimal process parameters
High availability 85
Low maintenance costs

ĐĐ TEP biomass boiler

The boiler is produced in its own production facilities according to its own design and construction. Special attention is given to the manufacturing quality and installation of the boiler in order to ensure high reliability and availability of the plant throughout its entire operating life.

CFD analiza sagorijevanja (Kotao 86 t/h pare, Brignoles, Francuska)

CFD combustion analysis
(Boiler 86 t/h steam, Brignoles, France)

3D boiler module
(Cogeneration Županja, Croatia, 2,3 MWe)

ĐĐ TEP boilers, with the proven technology of combustion in the water cooled vibrating grate, designed to optimize combustion, ensuring low flue gas emissions, low self energy consumption, high availability and reliability, decreased erosion of the furnace membrane wall tube surfaces and low maintenance costs.

Boiler pressure parts manufacture

Boiler installation

Boiler with the support structure

Vibrating grate drive mechanism

Turbine and generator system, air cooled condenser

The water-steam circulation system is designed and optimized using the most advanced software, and in the procurement process we ensure the delivery of components from approved europien suppliers, ensuring the required level of efficiency of the plant, its reliability and availability.

Turbine and generator system

Air cooled condenser

Feedwater systems, flue gas cleaning

These systems are closely linked to the design of the ĐĐ TEP boiler and each component is designed with careful attention for its optimal integration into the plant. Emission of flue gases and noise levels fully meets the European working regulations as well as specific customer requirements, if necessary.

Chemical water treatment

Feedwater pumps

Feedwater tank

Electrostatic precipitator