Photo gallery: Construction of ĐĐ TEP Administrative Building

The administrative building of ĐĐ TEP was already burning several decades ago. And then the fire hit the roof of the building, but it was shut down in time. At the end of 2015, the work on the building lasted, with the aim of relocating the archive and reorganizing the underground floor into new office premises.
On January 14, 2016, fire broke out again in the roof of the administrative building, and despite the great sacrifice of the firefighters, damage to the building was still too great. Employees managed to save inventory, and immediately proceeded with operations deployed on other buildings within the company. The new modern office building was designed by the Rechner architect from Osijek, while the building of the building was taken over by the Projektgradnja from Slavonski Brod.
The objective of the architectural project of the business (administrative) building was to make simple and functional premises on floors, with maximum utilization of the intended area for the construction of a business building and the necessary facilities within each of the floors, and that the building be energy class A.
Office premises are located on the ground floor, first, second and third floor of the total area of 3000 m3. In July and August 2018, after more than two years were temporarily deployed, employees began moving into a new office building.

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